Project overview: 5-song CD recording budget

What's our project all about?

It's a lot more fun to learn by doing, rather than try to absorb a lot of abstract concepts. So for this course, we're going to pretend that we're in a band, and we're putting together a budget to record our first CD.

Our band is called the Robobunny All-Stars, and we're on a tight budget! So we need to keep track of all our expenses for this project. We'll also want to track all the ways we can make money from this CD.

And hopefully, when all's said and done, we'll make a profit!

You can copy this project, or choose another project that you're passionate about. Any project that involves budgeting income and expenses will do for the purposes of this course.

Are you ready? Start up your spreadsheet program, and let's dive in!

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